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Yoga Therapy – Strengthening of the ankle after injury

I was introduced by a friend to Jason Chua in May 2012 . I injured the ligament of my left ankle in Feb 2012.

I went through 6 sessions ( Once per week, 1.5hrs per session) on the Yoga therapy with Jason.

At the start of each session, Jason will ask how was the condition of my ankle. Based on the ankle condition, he will make a set of the Yoga plan for me.
Jason increase the loading on the ankles in each new session based on my ankle condition.

The set of Yoga plan is very easy to understand and practice. It is simple free hand drawing.

I did the Yoga exercise daily ( in the morning before breakfast).

After each exercise in the morning, I feel very good.

The condition of the ankle improves greatly at the end of the 6 sessions.  I can feel the strengthening in my ankle now. I am now 100% recovered ( Oct 2012)

I strongly advise anyone to go for the Yoga therapy after injury. It will speed up the recovery process.


Janet Loh ,

1st Oct 2012.

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