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*Notice Current weekly practice is on halt till 2013 due to trainer is on enrichment retreat and self upgrading.

Yoga therapy and individual coaching  is still available on request. May all be well and happy.



Yoga class is done in small groups. Classes are active with simple flow sequences. Proper breathing techniques are practiced to develop strength in the back and spine and bring about steadiness of the mind. They will progress from sequences that fit beginners to more advance stages as one progresses. Pranayama (the science of yogic breathing), Yoga philosophy will be introduced gradually. It is suitable for all ages and for whatever fitness level one is at. We will tailor the classes according to fitness and age.

Currently we only gather on every Sunday for group practise.
Time: 10:15am, Every Sunday except Public Holidays.
Preparation before coming to class.

– Class start 10.15am sharp have early and sufficient sleep. Please be here by 10.00 am if you are new.

– Have light breakfast 2-3 hr before class due to is a 10am class, as traditionally Yoga is practice at early morning with a empty stomach for best health benefits.

– Avoid apply perfume and fragrance cosmetic as it might obstruct concentration for others students.

– Dress comfortably without movement restriction and modestly as a respect for the class, aerobic and running tights are ok around knee level till ankle.

– Personal Yoga mat for hygiene purpose, i have some spare mat for those yet to have one. 

– Bring a along towel as occasionally the class might be more cardio which will make you sweat.

 स्थिरसुखमासनम् | Sthira Sukham Asanam PYS II.46.  

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