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The Breath is the Key

We breath continously throughout our lives but we hardly notice its importance relationshp with us. Movement in Asana ( Yoga posture ) also open out or compress the chest and adomen as we breath in or out. Expansion and relaxation of the chest and adomen are integral to the process of breathing.

Therefore, both breathing and movement affect the shape of the body, both breathing and movement also are affected the shape of the body.We must use this connection intelligently in Yoga practise of Asanas. Opposite movement and breath cycle will create conflict in body and can adversely affect our health. The Breath is also the link and conditioner to calm and awareness of the existence of our own mind.

Therefore in Yoga Asanas, we practise breath awareness and it’s effects on body and mind, the breath is always leading the movement not vice versue. A quality Yoga Asanas practise is how well you mindfully aware through out your practise not external projection of a perfect asana posture.

Breath is central to Yoga, because it’s central to life… And yoga is about life. – Sri Krishnamacharya

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