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April 5, 2012

Another neijia blog

I’m getting more interested in the similarity of yoga and qigong. It’s interesting that some of the concepts are very similar but don’t quite match up. For example, there are seven chakras that seem to have some relationship to the 3 main dantians.

1. Upper dantian – could be the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, or encompassing both

2. Middle dantian – seems to be the same as the heart center chakra.

3. Lower dantian (where we’re told to sink our qi) – seems to correspond to the sacral plexus chakra: “This chakra is responsible for our sexuality, physical vitality, emotions, pleasure, desire, passion, love, change, new ideas, and health. ” (from, also a good url from the TCM side explaining the dantians, and one that relates the above somewhat)

The story gets more complicated, especially when meridians and acupuncture points are brought into the picture. The…

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