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Principle of Yoga Asana

August 31, 2011

In Yoga texts, the word Asana is used to refer as any position of body that is being put into practise for a specific function to affect the body and mind with a goal.



The process of doing an Asana involve 3 steps:

1) Movement into the asana from a prior body position.

2) Staying in the Asana

3) Movement out of the Asana, usually back to the body position we

started from.


Core Principle of Reintegration Asana

1) Asana practise should be steady and comfortable

2) Asana practise should emphasis the spine.

3) Asana practise should be adapted for a specific goal

4) Asana practise should proceed intelligent, orderly steps (Vinyasa Krama)

5) Asana practise should use the breath to integrate the body and mind

6) Asana practise should use the breath to adapt posture

7) Asana practise should use the breath for feedback.



What Yoga Sutra defines a Asana? 

Yoga Sutra ( II:46 ) state : Sthira Sukham Asanam

Sage Patanjali defines the above statement as Sthira mean

“ firm, steady and alert ” and is related to strength.

Sukha means “pleasant” or comfortable and pertains as flexibility.

Pantajali definition of Asana is significant: Asana is not a specific posture but rather a state and is a expression of the mind, body and breath working together in a balanced manner.


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